The Planned Death Company feels strongly that there is a deep difference between having a life and merely being alive, and we want to help you have a meaningful life for as long as possible.

Dementia Diagnosis

A reliable diagnosis is the first step in planning your end-of-life. The planned death company specialises in dementia diagnosis.

We offer a complete service: We start with a consultation on why you would want to receive a diagnosis. If you decide to go ahead and do the test, and find out you will develop dementia, then we will help you plan for your future; optimise your quality of life and decide a dignified departure that suits you.

End of life options

Optimising your quality of life is our number one priority. People often prefer a ‘natural death’, we prefer a ‘good’ death. What constitutes a good death can vary from person to person. We will work with you to make your death as good as it can be for you, and your loved ones.

Order the kit

If you want to order a Dementia Diagnosis Kit, please contact us.